Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gotcha Day - 1.9.12

 Not a happy camper!
He kept pointing to the door because he wanted to be outside.

He started to feel more comfortable with us.

Poor little Dash had a really rough morning.  He didn't want to go to any of us, but we stayed on it and I held him until he almost fell asleep.  Then the door opened and he started crying again.  There was another couple from Spain who was adopting a little girl with an upper cleft lip and she too was crying her little head off.  I felt so bad for both of the little one's.  I think that Dash was really concerned about the other little girl because he kept looking for her.  I started crying a little bit because I just couldn't help him.  He kept pointing to the door and to the other Chinese men in the room.  He seems to really take to the men.  In a way it's comforting to know that he had bonded with someone and that's why he's crying.  He looks very healthy, no scabies, very clean, lots of layered clothing and very healthy lungs!  

As soon as we went outside, he stopped crying.  Later we gave him some water and food then he was completely fine. That is until we went to take a family photo at the studio.  He started crying again as soon as he saw the other little girl and at this point he wouldn't stop.  The photographer, a male Chinese, carried him and of course he stopped crying.  That little rascal!  The photo is for legal documents.  Eventually they had to take a separate photo of Greg and I then they took one of him with the photographer holding him and photo shopped Dash's picture with ours. 

Once the photos were done we stopped to grab lunch.  Greg and our guide went out to purchase the food while Sophie, Dash and I stayed behind and waited in the van.  That's when Dash's little personality came out.  He actually started laughing and smiling at Sophie and me.  That was the best feeling ever.  Especially when he would belly laugh so hard he would then rest his little cheek on my chest.  That was it, I was completely putty.  I'm in LOVE!

Now we're back in the room and he's sound asleep along with the rest of the fam.  Pray that the rest of the evening goes as well! 


  1. OMG!!!! He is sooooooo cute!!! So happy for you, Millettes!!! Lil Sophie is as lovely as ever, just like her mama, Anne. Thanks for updating us. I am so happy that Dash is in your arms, FINALLY!!! I can't wait to meet him, come home quick ;)

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  3. Yay! We were so excited all day, we kept checking the blog! When we showed Jude the photos he askd if Dash was crying bcoz he missed Jude =) so sweet! We continue to pray for traveling mercies, peace nd favor wherever you go. INCREDIBLE!! =) Much love...

  4. He is perfect! I got up extra early to read the blog! Thank you for the update. He will do great as did Sophie. She looks very proud! Cant wait to meet him!!! xoxoxox