Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 4 with Dash

This is the first day we received him!

Day 4 and it's getting better with him.  He's beginning to recognize his name when called and loves his big sister.  Daddy is slowly getting there.  Dash finally let him hold him without crying yesterday.  Greg is staying steadfast and will not give up on him.  He at least smiles at Greg and when he laughs, his entire face squishes up and all you can see are his little teeth.  I know he's my son, but I have to say he is sooo darn adorable!

Today we are going to visit one of the oldest Muslim temples in the city.  There are a lot of Muslims here and only one white guy, Greg!  It's been quite the experience and we're enjoying it.  Dash really enjoys going into the car and seeing the city.  He's taking it all in and points at different things.

Soph is a great big sister.  Dash and her are playing well together, it's so cute.  I can't believe what a great little traveller Soph turned out to be.  We can't wait for our next trip to our next destination in China, Guangzhou.


  1. Love the updates!! He IS darling and it's even more sweet to hear about Soph and him playing together :) Jude sends kisses and hugs to his cousins...can't wait to play! Much love to the INCREDIBLES!

  2. Love the video!!! Can't wait to hug him! Give Sophie a kiss for me, she is such an amazing girl!