Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goodbye Xining, Hello Guangzhou! - 1.15.12

Emma our guide in Xining
His medical Exam (not happy)

Shaiman Island (great shopping)

Our guide Kelly in Guangzhou

Big Sister Sophie!


Chen Temple Built in the Early 1800's

Chen Temple used for Ceremonies

We finally made it to Guangzhou and it's our kind of City!  Our hotel is amazing especially compared to where we were last.  We are staying at the China Hotel, a Marriott Hotel.  It's very modern and clean and NOT smoke filled.  Most of the staff speaks English and it seems the hotel is filled with other couples who have adopted.  It's somewhat strange but comforting at the same time. 

Today we did some shopping.  Within the Chen Temple there were little shops that had painting and calligraphy items.  When a child in China begins school it is customary to give him/her a stamp set.  We also went to a porcelain shop and purchased a tea set.  The Chinese tradition for when your son gets married is to give him the tea set as a wedding gift. 

Tomorrow we will be going to the Pearl District and also a tea shop that will do a traditionally tea tasting.  We are really having a good time here hanging out with another couple from South Carolina.


  1. Miss you guys!! Your Kuya and I are chillin' on Sunday morn enjoying this post and revisiting the previous pics. Its heartwarming to see all the SMILES :] and good to hear about your accomodations. You guys look relaxed! I havnt noticed a diaper bag in any of the pics, is Dash done with diapers?
    Our hearts are filled with joy and great anticipation for all that is ahead! XOXOXO

  2. In tears! How amazing, the temples, learning the traditions and getting to be just family. Lovely :)

    How was the exam?
    What day do you guys get back?
    Why does Sophie look so big?

    Love you guys! The Jepsons

  3. We are looking forward coming home, but are really enjoying the culture here in Guangzhou! Just amazing, and so cool to experience how proud they are of everything... Today we are going to do some more touring, shopping and experience an outside "market". Kind of like what we did in Vietnam! Looking forward to experiencing some interesting food on a stick!
    Dash is still in diapers, but squats when has to poop/pee! If we had baby potty he would use it, he was using at foster family... We are just using backpack for diaper bag, carries everything, camera, camcorder, Anne's "stuff" etc...
    Exam went well, still has mild PFO, will have follow up with cardiologist when we return, hopefull it will repare itself without intervention! Returning on Fruday 1/20... He did good on first two flights, will see how he does on 12 hrs on a plane!:)
    We miss and love you all too! We cannot wait to share more pictures and movies and for you to finally meet our little guy!
    Much Love,
    Greg, Anne, Sophie and Dash

  4. Good news re his exam. When is the train ride to Hong Kong? Will be praying for the rest of your trip...appts, visa nd passport... and the plane ride home =) What size diapers? We'll get some for the house. We LOVE his big cheese pic and Soph's vogue pose!!

  5. Dash and Sophie are so cute together! Great pics!