Monday, December 12, 2011

Travel Dates Are Confirmed!!!!!

We cannot believe it!  After 5 very long years our adoption journey is almost complete.  The day after Thanksgiving we received word from China that we have been approved for travel.  The paperwork was being sent back to our agency for final confirmation of our consulate appointment.  We were given 3 travel date options and our first choice was to leave shortly after the Christmas holiday.  Unfortunately, those dates were already taken.  Our second choice was the beginning of January 2012 and this date was confirmed.  Tickets have been purchased as of today!!!  We are officially leaving the beginning of January to pick up our baby boy, Dashell.  I think we all need to be pinched as it doesn't seem real.  We plan on being in China for about 2 weeks, leaving for home just at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. 

Below is a brief itinerary of our trip while in China:

Day 1 - 3
We will be in Beijing touring the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.  How cool is that!  Will be taking lots of pictures.  I wish we were bringing our professional photographer, Auntie Imelda.

Day 4 -9
Traveling to Xining City, located right smack in the middle of China, to meet our baby Dash for the first time.  In fact Gotcha Day is 1/9 which is the same day of the month that we received Sophie back in 2008.  The number 9 must be our family's lucky number.

Day 10 - 14
Traveling to Guangzhou for our consulate appointment to finalize the adoption and receive Visa and Passport for Dash.  This will be our first air travel experience with 2 kids.  Please pray for us at this point!

Day 14 - 15
Taking the train to Hong Kong shortly after our appointment for the final leg of our trip.  In Hong Kong we are left to fend for translator or guide.  I hear that it's so westernized that we shouldn't have a problem.  From Hong Kong we fly back to the U.S.

By the time we reach Hong Kong, I'm sure we will be so ready to head home.  We will be travelling with a laptop and will keep everyone posted on each milestone.  We can't wait for all of you to meet Dash.  This is definitely the best New Year!!!!!


  1. WOW! that's quite an itinerary and a wonderful learning experience for lil Sophie! Have a great trip, be safe and call me when you get back, I wanna meet sweet lil Dash!

  2. Hi Millettes! I just came to visit your blog after reading back through the GWCA message boards! So very, very excited for your trip! I'm sure you leave in just a few days. Best wishes for a safe (and fun) journey to Dash!